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Do you make custom tack? I'm currently not accepting custom orders. With our busy ranch schedule, kids, and regular leather work I just don't have time to do custom orders. The leather work is a one woman show around here. With me being the only one doing it, there isn't always enough time in the day to get everything done and the leather work is usually at the bottom of the list.

Will you be accepting custom orders in the future? While I hate to say I will never accept custom orders again, I don't see it happening any time soon. There might come a time when I will have a little extra time on my hands, but as of right now I do not see myself accepting custom orders.

Do you wholesale your leather items? No, I do not. I'm a one woman show making every item by hand. I strive to build a quality product and keep my prices as low as I can to still make a small profit while being able to offer my customers a great price. I can't afford to lower my already low prices so that a retailer can raise the prices and essentially make more money than I am while also selling the product for more than it would have been for sale directly from me. I would rather skip the middle man and keep offering great prices to my customers.

Do you sponsor individuals or groups? I do not offer sponsorships.

Will you donate items to my cause? I like to keep my donations local to the Harrington and Lincoln County area. That being said, due to limited time my donations are usually pretty limited. If you contact me well in advance of your event we might be able to work something out. 

Do you teach leather working classes? While I don't teach actual classes I'm happy to share my knowledge through blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, and will answer questions via emails. In the future I would love to teach classes, but I'm not currently set up to do them nor do I have the time.

Do you use leather that was raised on your ranch? Long story short, we tried to have some of our leather tanned. The long story, when we butchered one year we decided to have the hides tanned so that we could make the best use out of every part of the steers. We were told they would be tanned in the US, but they would not tell us where in the US or what the name of the tanner was. When we got our hides back there were 4 right sides and 2 left sides.... Due to the fact that none of the steers had been branded we can't absolutely without a doubt say that any of the hides are without a doubt our hides. This is currently the leather that we are using for a large portion of our products. I also use Hermann Oak leather which is tanned in the US.

Do you still raise Kelpies? No, we do not. We haven't had any pups for over 10 years. I do highly recommend Debi Otley of Broken Stirrup Ranch in Diamond, Oregon and Rusanne Wagner in Wilbur, Washington.

Do you still raise horses? With the loss of our main stallion, Macs MK Bar, in 2017 we stopped raising foals for the public. We do still have a couple stallions but we are only raising foals for our own personal use on the ranch.

Do you stand your stallions to outside mares? No, we do not. Due to liability issues and lack of time we do not breed our stallions to outside mares.

Do you sell your calves to individuals? Yes we would be happy to sell our heifers and steers to individuals who would rather not buy from the sale barn. We typically sell them for current market price per pound or a reasonable per head amount.

Do you sell meat? If we are contacted before we sell our calves in the fall we can keep and feed out steers for anyone wanting meat with a down-payment. Some years we will raise a steer or two for our own use and will have some extra for sale. Contact us for availability.


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